Case Examples

Slip and Fall Plaintiff’s Verdict in Jefferson County

Thornburgh Law, LLC represented Plaintiff, the tenant of a duplex property in Lakewood, who slipped and fell on snow and ice that was not removed by the Defendant Landlord. Plaintiff was taking her trash to the dumpster designated by the Landlord when she slipped and fell, breaking her ankle. She required multiple surgeries and incurred more than $49,000 in medical bills. Although the jury did find that the Plaintiff was 40% comparatively negligent for going to the dumpster when she knew it was slippery, the verdict for Plaintiff was still in excess of $79,000.

Nursing Home Negligence Settlement

Thornburgh Law, LLC obtained a six-figure settlement in a case where the client was injured by the negligence of the workers at an adult daycare facility. The workers of the facility failed to supervise the client, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. As a result, she fell from her chair, fracturing her hip.

Skiing Accident

Plaintiff, a visitor from out-of-state, was injured while skiing at a local resort. A minor who was not being properly supervised by his parent was snowboarding recklessly and collided into Plaintiff causing injuries to her knee and shoulder. Thornburgh Law, LLC filed a lawsuit on behalf of Plaintiff and was able to reach a settlement with the homeowner’s insurance carrier of the minor’s parent.

Automobile Accident

Husband and wife were rear-ended during two separate car accidents in the same month. The insurance companies for each of the drivers who struck the couple denied liability, hoping to point the finger at the opposite accident. Thornburgh Law, LLC filed a lawsuit on behalf of the couple for the two accidents, forcing the insurance company for each Defendant driver to take responsibility. Each of the two insurance companies eventually agreed to settle the claim involving its insured driver who had injured our clients by rear-ending their vehicle.

Product Liability and Workers’ Compensation

The client was injured while working for her manufacturing employer, when a 300-lb plate from a defective machine fell, crushing her hands. Thornburgh Law, LLC represented the client throughout her workers’ compensation case against her employer to ensure that she received all of the benefits to which she was entitled. After conclusion of the workers’ compensation case, Thornburgh Law brought a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the defective machine on behalf of the client.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Award

While working as a security guard, Claimant was making her rounds when she stepped off the stairs and felt a pop in her knee. While walking away, hoping the pain would resolve on its own, Claimant stepped on uneven ground turning her ankle. The employer denied her workers’ compensation claiming that her injuries did not occur in the course and scope of her employment. Thornburgh Law represented Claimant before an Administrative Law Judge who found that her injury had occurred during the course of her work and awarded temporary total disability benefits with interest back to the date of Claimant’s injury.

Workers’ Compensation Hearing to Determine Treating Physician’s Impairment Rating was Wrong

Claimant injured his back while working for his employer. The employer’s insurance company provided medical treatment through workers’ compensation and paid the Claimant temporary disability benefits while he was unable to work. When the Claimant reached maximum medical improvement, the treating physician provided an impairment rating, which he then reduced, claiming that a prior injury suffered by Claimant more than 20 years prior had contributed to his impairment rating. Thornburgh Law, LLC filed an Application for Hearing on behalf of Claimant and went to hearing before an Administrative Law Judge who determined that the apportionment provided by the doctor was incorrect. The correct impairment rating resulted in award of an additional $25,000 to Claimant.

Social Security Awarded to Minor

Thornburgh Law, LLC represented a minor suffering from psychological disabilities that made it impossible for him to participate in the normal curriculum at school. The minor was denied benefits following his initial application. Thornburgh Law, LLC filed an appeal on the minor’s behalf and successfully obtained benefits on his behalf at the hearing before the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Disability Award

Claimant suffered an injury to his back in his 40s. The injury progressively worsened to the point that he was having difficulty standing or sitting for any length of time and was also suffering from bladder incontinence. Upon his application for disability benefits to Social Security, claimant was denied. Thornburgh Law, LLC represented claimant before an Administrative Law Judge at his appeal hearing at which time he was awarded full disability benefits going back to the onset date of his injury.