Social Security

Obtaining Social Security benefits is often a lengthy and frustrating process. Many claimants are denied benefits upon their initial application.  Because they do not understand how the system works, they do not proceed to exercise their right to be heard at an Appeals Hearing.  The process has many paths--and without knowing which path is the right one to take, many claimants are never awarded the benefits to which they are entitled.

We can help you navigate the system. If you have not yet filed for Social Security but would like to discuss whether you may be able to apply, we can answer your questions and prepare the necessary information to present your case to the Social Security Administration. If you have already received a denial letter and are within the timeframe provided for an appeal, let us file an appeal on your behalf and prepare your claim for hearing before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge. We typically prepare either a pre-hearing or post-hearing brief to present to the judge on your behalf, and we prepare you to testify at your hearing and question any witnesses the ALJ may call to testify regarding your condition and your claim for benefits.

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