Workers' Compensation

If you were injured at work, please allow us to help you navigate this tricky administrative system. Workers' compensation benefits are not based on fault—neither yours, nor your employer’s. Instead, our Legislature decided that as an employee, you are entitled to certain benefits because you were working and were hurt while you were working. Your employer usually has insurance to cover these situations.

Whether or not your employer has reported your injury to its insurance carrier, we can help. If your injury has not yet been reported, we will do that on your behalf. We will also immediately advise the insurance adjusters who work for your employer’s insurance company that we are representing you. What this means is that they will no longer be contacting you and attempting to obtain your personal information (often information to which they are not entitled), instead they will have to conduct all communications through our office. We will be certain from the outset that you are receiving all benefits to which you are entitled, including weekly temporary total disability benefits (TTD) if you are not able to work due to your injury.

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